5 Software Platforms We Recommend

We have trailed, praised and thrown out many software solutions over the years. We thought it may be useful to provide a summary of some of the software tools that we think will make a significant difference for Landlords.

1. Google Drive

Our #1 tool is Google Drive, a cloud storage solution which is simple to use, cheap and provides easy collaboration amongst team members. We use this to store everything from contract templates, property assets (photographs, certificates, documents) to team training videos. It can be accessed from anywhere, in short - you can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Xero

To track all the finances in the business, we use Xero. Another cloud based website that provides easy to use accounting functionality. This includes: invoicing, receipts, reconciliations, reports and much more. Having accounts on paper is certainly a thing of the past.

3. Receipt Bank

Do you hate inputting all those tedious receipts? Well, this is where Receipt Bank comes in. This piece of clever software can recognise letters from a photo of your receipts. This means the location, price, VAT and even some clever automation on what classification each receipt is for. This integrates with Xero and is worth the monthly subscription in our opinion.

4. Goodlord

Our lettings business is registered with Goodlord platform. This provides a seamless reservation, referencing and contract signing process for every tenant - and all online. No more chasing up various parties or printing out tenancy agreements. However, it does come at a price and mostly recommend for large landlords or letting agents.

5. Adobe Sign

For smaller landlords, Adobe Sign is a great tool to get contracts signed online. It has a good ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality and saves time (and the earth!) from unnecessary paper printing. We still use Adobe Sign to get Deposit Protection Certificates signed amongst custom documents.

Those are a few of our favourites but we will certainly write another post of 5 more soon!