The Store We All Love

There is a store in the UK that everyone loves. A store that has been serving their clients diligently for 150 years. A store that is known for its faithful ethos and its commitment to integrity. Even after all this time in operation, it is hard to find a naysayer, let alone a damaging story on them. 

This is a store you go to if you are shopping on value, not on price. You may have guessed, but this store is John Lewis. Most likely to be the nation’s most loved store. 

Now it is not solely down to their lovely Christmas’ commercials - yes, we love them too. It is more likely down to the security each customer feels when they make a purchase there. A promise that you would not have been misled or mistreated should a fault occur. With a John Lewis purchase, you know you are getting value and the products on offer will last - something we’re perhaps not so accustomed too in many competitor’s products. 

So why are we referring to John Lewis? After all, we are a property services business right? Well certainly. But one thing we remind ourselves in our internal meetings and literature is how John Lewis has built such an adored legacy - and why the principles apply to our company too. Principles of respect, integrity, honesty and giving value above what would otherwise be required to our clients.

For being a fairly ‘progressive property company’, we prefer to uphold traditional values that have made such companies loved by their customers - or its beloved fans to be more accurate.

We hope we can remain true to such values and moreover, we hope that they are realised with everyone we work with.