Tenant Giving Notice to Prime Living

This form is used to give official Notice to leave property. Please ensure the full form is completed.

Tenant Leaving Guide

Please find some useful moving-out notes below please:

  • Please ensure your room/flat is cleaned as when you first started tenancy. Please ensure all cupboards, window panes/frames, floors (inc. behind bed), window sills, skirting boards are also cleaned/hovered (we would to hate to have to charge for a cleaning job, so please give it a good clean before you leave!). Please note that drawers for desks, cupboards etc need to be hoovered and wiped.

  • Please ensure to hoover and wipe inside all drawers and wardrobes - this is a common one that is missed that we unfortunately have to charge for.

  • Please move your mattress and clean the bedframe of all dirt/dibris on the frame and the base. Please also hoover any hairs etc off both sides of the mattress.

  • Please clean any windows thoroughly - this includes both bottom and top window panes and the surrounding edges.

  • Please ensure to not to leave any personal items in the rooms. This includes small items (cloak hangers, candles, ornaments, clothes, bedding etc) or large items like furniture that was not included in your initial inventory. Please consider that any furniture not belonging to the landlord will be deemed as requiring disposal and thus chargable. We do not accept any 'furniture gifts' to us nor any furniture to be passed on to housemates as acceptable - you will be charged for any furniture left, it will be automatically disposed of.

  • Please ensure your kitchen cupboards, fridge shelves and any bathroom items are disposed etc.

  • If any bits of furniture etc got accidental damaged, please let us know and we will see if it can be fixed.

  • Please leave your keys on top of the chest of drawers in your bedroom. If keys are not immediately visible, we will assume they are lost and you will be charged for a new set to be cut. So please ensure they are placed in the correct location.

  • If you are in a houseshare, please say a massive goodbye to the other flatmates! We will be notifying them about upcoming viewings immediately, so we recommend telling them about your departure as soon as possible - better to hear about it from yourself.

We will do an inspection within a week after your tenancy end day. If no deductions are required, we will authorise the deposit to be released to you.

Thanks for being a great tenant & please email info@prime-living.co.uk with any queries.

Prime Living Team