Our Flats & Houses

Prime Living provides flats and houses predominantly for the professional market. We know it can daunting when visiting numerous properties and hoping to get ‘the right one!’ We only let properties we would live in ourselves and we work with the landlord to ensure the property is fully compliant and ready for their next enjoyable tenancy.

Our Houseshares

Do you want to share a house with respectful and pleasant individuals? Well, our focus has always been on creating a group of like-minded individuals. We believe it should not just be a house, but more importantly – a home.

Our tenants rarely leave our houses and we regularly reject applications by individuals we feel won’t fit in well. We understand that busy professionals need a positive environment to live in – and we do our best to create that. We deal with your maintenance issues fast and are highly rated amongst our current and former tenants. This we feel makes us stand head and shoulders amongst other house shares.

Please enquire to see if we have a room, flat or house coming available in your area.

Quality Living for City Professionals

What our Tenants say


"I rented a great room in a house for a very reasonable price. The other tenants were great as well, so had a lot of fun. Prime Living was very helpful at everything and all the requests were addressed very quickly and adequately. Great organisation and willingness to help. Definitely recommend. Cheers, Aleks"

Larissa & Hakeem

"Absolutely recommend this agency, very professional and we felt secure in our housing situation."


"The house I stayed in was lovely and the team running prime living were really helpful. Anything that needed fixing was done immediately, this was rare to be honest because maintenance was done so regularly and thoroughly. The team at Prime Living also take the time to meet with potential candidates ensuring everyone who moves in will get on. I made friends at the house share i moved into that I am sure I will be friends with forever. I would definitely use prime living again and thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to make my time with you amazing - Thanks!"


"The house was always in good condition when I was there. If there was a problem in the house, Abs would make sure everything would be fixed very soon. The well-being of the tenants is always Abs & Adam's priority. Can't recommend them enough."