About the Founders

Founding twin brothers (The Property Twins UK) have been best friends and business partners since selling sweets to their friends at their primary school playground. The brothers always had a fondness of property. Whether it was from their love of beautiful architecture, to the excitement of witnessing a vibrant development site - they always knew this was an industry they wanted to be a part of.

Prior to the founding of Prime Living, Adam Hassan was a fully qualified Pharmacist after graduating from Manchester University. Being a Pharmacist naturally comes with pre-loaded credibility and a very stable work routine. However, for Adam, it felt as if there was a glass ceiling suspended above him and at times, the routine was incredibly monotonous . Founding a property company was a way he could join his ‘passion industry’ and get to work with his most trusted friend day-in, day-out.

On the other hand, Abs Hassan had a fairly exciting profession working on creative campaigns for some of the world’s top brands – Google, Toyota, Kelloggs, RBS to name a few. As a project manager, he was responsible for the creation of online and offline marketing aimed at providing a creative experience to consumer markets. Alas, he too was drawn to start the first step into what would be a life-long dream of building a property portfolio and property businesses. It’s the scale possibilities and the direct interactions with clients which made it such an appealing calling.

Since founding in 2013, their clients have attested to the value provided and Prime Living is still proud to be one of the few agents to have not lost a client due to ‘poor service’ – service is something the brothers take extremely seriously.

This is partly why they do not feel at all like a traditional letting agent. Unlike most agents, the brothers are frequently invited to their landlord weddings, birthdays and religious events. Trust is the principle offering that their clients value and it is why Prime Living has been successful thus far.

So what’s next?

Firstly, the twins are focused on streamlining the business operations and creating the best possible customer journey for all their clients.

Secondly, growing Prime Living to a London-wide agency that sets a better example for what is,  a severely tarnished industry.

Lastly, creating investment opportunities with buy to let and buy to sell for our loyal clients foremost, and our larger network thereafter.

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