Welcome to the Blog!

To start things off, a huge hello to our community of property professionals and a sincere thank you to those who we have the pleasure with working with – you’re great, and you know it!

As with any profession, there comes a time when one has seen so many déjà vu scenarios that they can be seen coming a mile away. And similarly, when working in a role for a long period of time, it’s still not uncommon to encounter the most bizarre situations.  All of which help turn the seemingly regular profession into an insightful, albeit at times turbulent ‘adventure’.

My team and I have exchanged experiences and insights with many other property folk over the years – whether they be with investors, landlords, developers and even other agents. These war stories sometimes come with significant laughter, but nearly always a value insights inside. It is these insights (and hopefully some chuckles!) that we hope our readers also benefit from, wherever they are on their own property journey.

The blog content will be created by Prime Living team with only one rule…. write absolutely anything you wish, as long as you feel it will help at least one reader. We hope to share some smart ideas, peculiar experiences and thoughtful  insights for the future. We invite you to share yours with us too.

As my brother and I say to many of all of our clients – “we’ll be in property for the rest of our lives, so come to us when you ready”. In essence, don’t be a stranger – enjoy the content and we’ll be here when you want to catchup.

Here's looking at you, kid ;-)